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Drainage of India Himalayan Rivers for UPSC, State PCS, SSC by K_Siddhartha

Components of Indian rivers

1.    Indus rivers
2.    Ganges rivers
3.    Brahmaputra river
4.    Peninsular rivers
The Indus Drainage System
This system comprises of the Indus River and its five main tributaries namely Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej. The Indus is a part of Sapt Sindh.

Sapta Sindhu and the Zoroastrian Avesta are both known as Hapta Hindu (both terms meaning "seven rivers"). However, linguists state that the original meaning of Sindhu/Hindu was not a body of water, but rather a frontier or bank. Early historical kingdoms that arose in the Indus Valley include Gandhāra, and the Ror dynasty of Sauvīra. The Indus rises in Tibet near Manasarowar Lake near…SênggêZangbo in a spring.

It flows west and northwestwards and enters Indian Territory in Jammu and Kashmir.  It flows through Laddakh, Baltistan and Gilgit.  After emerging out of the hills, the Indus flows southwestwards across Pakistan.  Finally the river reaches the Arabian Sea near Karachi.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Western Ghats of India by K_Siddhartha

In this video Western_Ghats_of_India  and its physiographic divisions have been explained with the help of map and images of important features. Generally it is very difficult to remember only the names given in the atlas. But here the presentation has been given with the help of actual photographs of features in that regions that makes the study interesting and easy to retain. For more details visit:
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Himalayan_Region of India by K_Siddhartha

The Himalayas form the greatest_mountain_chain of the world. They form a highly rugged and continuous stretch of high mountainous country flanking northern India for a considerable length. In this video a spectacular visuals of Himalaya with its important #peaks, extent, location of various ranges and the pilgrims are all depicted in a picturesque manner and with the help of map.
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Monday, May 14, 2018

Corals : Dead or Alive?

  1. In 2001, corals were incorporated to the list of protected species in Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act.
  2.       Thermal_bleaching from rising sea-surface temperatures is one of the most important cause of coral death in India.
      3.  Dumping of plastics and untreated municipal waste deposited in the sea are among other causes of coral degeneration. Massive deforestation, receding mangroves, dumping of industrial waste like oil and petroleum, and aggressive fishing, especially in the Gulf of Mannar are causing death of corals everyday. 
     4.  Fish and other fauna protect coral by keeping it free of bacteria, algae and other organisms.

     5.   Deforestation and receding mangrove and sea grass cover lead to excessive silt running into the sea and settling on the corals. This prevents sunlight from reaching the symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae that provide corals with food. 

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